'Buff 'n'Coat' service is the re-application of a coat of the lacquer/varnish that was used when the floor was originally sanded and varnished.  It is preferable that this service is used when our company has carried out the original sand and varnish as only then, can we guarantee that a completely compatible product is used.  If we havent previously refinished the floor, then certain product checks may need to be made on the floor to ensure no conflicting products are used.  You need to allow the advised drying times.  the floor is not resanded in this service, the floor is buffed (de-nibbed), brushed, vacuumed and re-coated. Sheen levels need to be the same otherwise an additional coat may be required.  This service is usually a prventative method used to build up the strength of the floor and avoid the potential wearing of the floor.  This service can be booked on an annual basis, but you should consider how long the floor will last before it starts to show signs of wear.  This can be pre-booked annually, or 6 monthly or quarterely.