'Deep Clean' is a heavy and thorough cleaning process to lift and remove in grained dust and 'ground in' dirt and/or grime. It is a more concentrated version of the 'Daily Clean' service and careful measures need to be taken by only cleaning small areas at a time to avoid excessive stripping. This service is not necessarily required on a monthly basis and is dependant on the type and level of foot traffic in any particular area. We can implement Deep Cleaning on a Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly or Yearly basis. Once you fill in all the details, you will be given an instant quote and options on payment. Any variations of these timings should be detailled in the white box on the quote page and we'll contact you to discuss further. This process is done by mechanical buffing and cleaner application 'dry off', you should allow drying time of these areas of around half an hour and use signage to show affected areas if this is a used area for the public or any other passing traffic.  It is strongly advised  that you use this service as well as the 'Protector Service'.  The 'Protector Service' is the application of a coat of protection solution to maintain protection if any excessive stripping (deep cleaning) has been required in any of the more stubborn areas of the floor.